Brandon Bollig /end


I’ve been reading everywhere from Twitter, to blog posts about how bad Brandon Bollig is(in which I agree) and how the Hawks looked so terrible tonight. I understand the frustration in all of this, but if you rewind to just last years Stanley Cup Final, didn’t it look a little similar to this? It wasn’t a blow out like this, but it was a loss to arguably the best team in the league last season. Tied 1-1 going back to Boston, the Bruins were able to take a 2-1 lead. In which game 4 rolled around and Brent Seabrook sealed the OT thriller and eventually the series to win the Cup. All I’m saying is have a little hope.

On to a more serious note, Brandon Bollig did have a very questionable game and for that matter, a very questionable post-season for what he lacks on the ice in actual playing, he makes up for in penalties.. for the other team. Personally, if I was the coach, he’d be getting some much need pressbox action while Shaw comes in and steals the night away. But, we’ve all seen what Q has been up to, so it could be anyone. I just hope Regin gets to stay in, he’s been doing very well. Let’s not stay concentrated on what Bollig did and more what Versteeg and Handzus haven’t done. Handzus was not great either and frankly, his penalty killing hasn’t been all that great in the last two games and Versteeg did not have a good game. His line was absolutely crushed in possession. If it were up to me, he’d be on the checking line with Krugger.

This whole Kings comeback was started off of a strange goal off of Justin Williams skate in the closing of the 2nd and after that it was history. Jonathan Quick and Jeff Carter won this game, no question. But I will not be brought back into the argument of it “all being Crawfords fault.” Or so as Twitter likes to put it according to some Blackhawk “fans.” In conclusion to this whole mess: Andrew Shaw is needed. I hear a lot of people saying he is “no good” or a “pest,” but he knows how to put himself in the danger zone in front of the net and is very well on Power Plays. He’s a great neutral zone player and we all know that’s what the Hawks are dying for right now. So with all that being said, Shaw brings a great energy to the team despite having a few questionable penalties here and there. I believe he is what the Blackhawks need more than ever right now.

The Kings are a very good team, but the Blackhawks are just is good if not better. The series is tied going to LA, where the Kings are 3-3 on the post-season. The Blackhawks are lucky that the team that wins game 2 is awarded the crown, but they’ll have to work pretty damn hard to shake off tonight’s loss and gain some of that much needed momentum for game 3 on Saturday.


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