Kings lead the series at 2-1 and the Blackhawks are looking for momentum

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Chicago Blackhawks at Los Angeles Kings

Today marks Game 4 of the Blackhawks-Kings series; Kings look to extend their lead into the almost-series clinching lead 3-1, while the Blackhawks look to stay alive and look for the tie at 2-2 heading back to Chicago. To a lot of the Kings fans, the Kings shut the series out on Saturday with the 4-3 win over the Hawks, and meanwhile some Blackhawks fans think it’s already over, too. The series being at only 2-1, some Hawks fans are oblivious to this teams capability of coming back from down in a series. You can’t give up on the sinking ship, yet.

Ask for Saturday, if I was the coach for the Blackhawks and heading into this game 4 I’d sit Handzus and give Ben Smith a little more time at center. I personally think he’d be a much bigger answer for the Kings’ savior, Jeff Carter. While it’s not all Zus’ fault being on line with Sharp-Himself-Kane, he’s getting the playing time there because he was very good on the PK’s, now that the PK percentage is dropping over the last 4 periods of hockey he has been apart of, pull him, and get Smith in there. Ask for Kane being apart of that line.. why? You have one player that can’t keep his check, another that hasn’t scored a goal in relativity land since the start of the playoffs and then you have the almighty answer himself, Patrick Kane. Maybe put him with number 19… just me. Also, maybe Toews on Carter? Just a suggestion. Okay, no? Alright.

All-in-all this series is far from over, and even further from being started. The Blackhawks, I believe, will have an answer coming into Game 4 tonight. I’m sure Q has already started the Blender and has four replacements waiting just in case one goes out. Hopefully in these blenders we see a line where Kane isn’t alone in that of skill and a line where Zus is up in the box with that much needed, buttered-down popcorn. Again.. maybe 19 on Carter? Okay.. sorry.

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