The sinking ship called the Blackhawks

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Chicago Blackhawks at Los Angeles Kings

Last night in Game 4 against the Blackhawks and Kings, the Kings showed why they aren’t a force to reckon with. From Jeff Carter not only showing up on offense, but on defense as well. As well as Marian Gaborik showing that he can be faster than Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook(not really saying much, but still). The Kings showed that they deserve to be playing in the Western Conference Finals just as much as the Blackhawks do and they’re taking more advantage of it. In the Blackhawks defense, two grueling series before hand with the St. Louis Blues and surprisingly the Minnesota Wild. Not to mention silly suspensions and injuries, but that’s no excuse for their lack of offense and defense. I, personally don’t like playing the blame game, but Duncan Keith was not all there last night and Seabrook wasn’t either. You can honestly pick a name out of the hat and say they weren’t there last night and probably be right, though. Just don’t go putting all the blame on Crawford, though. Please?

The first period was some of the worst display I’ve seen by the Blackhawks this season and it’s disappointing. They were absolutely dominating the Blues and Wild on PK’s, but in this series it hasn’t seemed to exist. I’ll be the first to apologize and say it wasn’t all Handzus’ fault, but the team itself. A very important person sat down with me and hammered into my head, again, that hockey is a team aspect and not based on one persons playing style. But back to that first period.. I don’t want to go back to it and live it over again, but it has to be done. Allowing screens to be set in front of Corey and turnovers caused the Kings to take that dominating lead into the 2nd period, in which the Kings kept dominating with a Doughty goal, until Brandon Saad put a goal on the board for the Blackhawks after Rozsival caused a turnover and dished a sweet pass to Saad. Later in the 3rd period Bickell found his first goal of the series in a scuffle in front of the net in which, surprisingly, Toews was not able to put in. But they waited too late in the LAST period to rally for a comeback(of course). Crawford leaves the net with a little over 3 minutes left in the game, the Blackhawks showed some life, but wasn’t enough the Kings sealed the deal with an empty net goal from Tanner Pearson.

With all of this being said and done you can draw up one picture from this whole thing; Blackhawks are waiting too long to rally back. If the Blackhawks could play the full period how they play the final minutes of one this series would be 3-1 Blackhawks heading back to Chicago to seal the deal, but it’s not, and they still have a battle to win. They’re down 3-1 at this home, but I still have the glimpse of hope that the Blackhawks team we’ve been watching all season long will show up. Hell, maybe we’ll even see a Patrick Sharp goal. Too much hope? Yeah, sorry.


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