Blackhawks fend off Kings in double OT thriller. Series is 3-2 Kings


Well, I think it’s safe to say that this first period of play is the best display of hockey that the Blackhawks have shown in a few games. Kings get called for an early penalty due to Drew Doughty tripping Jonathan Toews 30 seconds in to the first period. This PP lead to the first goal, 1:13 in Brent Seabrook comes alive which puts Chicago up 1-0. Not too much later Johnny Oduya gives Chicago the 2-0 lead only 3:40 into the first period. 6 minutes later Jarret Stoll and the Kings cut Chicago’s lead in half while Crawford is playing around outside of the net. Chicago gains some of that momentum back when Brandon Saad shows why he’s apart of the Elite “Brandon club” with some of the best display of the “go and get it” attitude. He causes the turnover, dishes the puck to Shaw, Shaw takes the shot, Quick reflects it and Saad catches the rebound and puts it in for the 3-1 lead. But once again, the Kings answer. This time it’s Marian Gaborik 13:16 in and silencing the crowd. Later on Hammer gets called with a silly penalty which is bad news for the Hawks, because you know how bad they’ve been on PK’s. But they killed it and are took the 3-2 lead into the second period. Also worth noting about the first; Patrick Kane assisted on all 3 Blackhawk goals.

The Blackhawks were looking pretty dominant in the first period and continued to do so following into the second until Dustin Brown ties it up at 3-3 with a scuffle in front of the net. Crawford made 2 amazing saves, but couldn’t make it back in time for the 3rd. At this point the Blackhawks have no answer for the Kings beating them up in their zone. After winning the face-off, Kings take it back and just best Crawford; Pearsons with the goal to put the Kings up 4-3. Shortly after Oduya with a silly hooking on Jeff Carter; Blackhawks with another great PK. Blackhawks looked as if they started to fall apart this period. Only plus you can get out of this period is that the PK looked good and the Hawks are only down 1. Also, Crawford needs to stay in crease.

Starting the third, Ben Smith ties the game at 4-4 in the opening minutes. The Hawks are looking a lot like they were in the first. Very aggressive, crowd is into it, and they’re just playing lights out. Willie Mitchell, one of the best Kings PK’s causes the penalty 8:22 into the third, which turns into a 4 on 4 due to Saad causing interference on Quick; Blackhawks kill the last minute of it. Kruger takes a hard hit from Muzzin. Clean, but looked nasty. Stoll called for the penalty on Oduya with 3:11 left in the third. With no better look to take the lead, Andrew Shaw looks to take Muzzin out the play and gets rolled; skates off of the ice, but has a limp. After being said Kings kill of the penalty. This game is heading into overtime…

Shaw back in at the start of OT, a great sign for the Blackhawks. So many open looks for the Hawks, but the Kings playing their game and still being dominant in their zone. This game heads into 2nd OT. This game is OVER! Zus wins the face-off which allows the Hawks to gain that momentum, Saad gives a great dish back to back to Handzus for the winner.


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