My experience at Clippers Fan Fest

Drove past the Staples and the line had looked pretty long, wrapping around to the side of the arena. Getting parked and situated and making it the backside of the arena and seeing the line was even longer made me very uneasy especially because of how hot it was, but myself and my family that brought me(Uncle, Aunt, Younger Cousin) were in it for the long-run. We had waited out in the hot sun for a little over 30 minutes before the line started to show any sign of movement, but once it did it started to set in. “What was this going to be like? How is Steve Ballmer going to be?” Etc. Finally making it the front of the Staples and getting in(getting the T-shirt, free soda and popcorn which we not consumed) felt like a relief. Was in section 9 and as time progressed I kept looking behind me to see if the rafters had started to fill up; they did.

12:30 rolled around and around that time the one and only, Ralph Lawler came out to speak, and boy was it a great feeling seeing him in person again and smiling. A little later on the Mayor of Los Angeles came out to speak, shortly after that Lawler came back out to introduce the players, one-by-one. First C.J. Wilcox, the newest rookie. Followed by Reggie Bullock, the Sophomore on the team, then the the newest edition, Jordan Farmar, followed by Jared Dudley, Matt Barnes, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, and then finally, Chris Paul. DeAndre, Blake, and Chris got up to speak, thanking Steve Ballmer and the Clippers organization, and the fans. After all of that Doc Rivers was introduced, spoke a bit(thanking everyone and the staff, too) asked Reggie and C.J. If they knew who Larry was; they didn’t. Speaking about the Larry O’Brian trophy. Awarded in the Finals for winning it all. That was a good laugh. Anyways, last but not least, Ballmer was introduced. And let me tell you, that will never be forgotten..

Bursting out from behind the curtains to Eminem’s, “Lose Yourself.” He came out full of energy and excitement. High-fiving fans, chest bumping, the works. He finally got up to the podium and was screaming the entire time. Talking about chasing Larry and hardcore it was just great seeing all of his energy. Not once did Donald Sterling get in front of a mic and told the fans what they wanted to hear, but Steve’s entrance was better than anything that Donald did in his 30 years owning the team. Overall it have me goosebumps and made me extremely antsy for this season ahead of us.


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