Chargers Weekly – Raiders week!

Line of scrimmage

I have not published on here for quite some time and for that, I truly am sorry. I was having some trouble with the publish button and a few errors due to a command that wasn’t working properly. But now I should be up and ready to go!

I have a few updates as well:

  1. I am now a Contributor over at you’re a Clippers fan, you should check out the website!) for providing the Daily Clipper every Wednesday and I’m hoping I can work my way up to a recap person or any sort.
  2. I will be heading to Canada in December. So I will not be publishing anything towards the end of the month.

Enough about me, let’s get to this Sundays match-up!

This will be the 108th time that the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have matched-up against one-another. The Raiders’ hold a pretty solid lead over the Chargers’ in the win category(59-48 all-time) but I’m thinking the Chargers’ are going to come out with a win in Sundays game, despite all of the injuries for the Chargers. I’ll make my prediction now and say 34-13, Chargers.

Injury report from Fridays practice:


  • Donald Brown, Ryan Mathews, Manti Te’o, Shareece Wright


  • Malcom Floyd, DJ Fluker, Jarret Johnson, Cordarro Law, Rich Ohrnberger, Darrell Stuckey, Reggie Walker.


  • Keenan Allen, Jerry Attaochu, Donald Butler, Dwight Freeney, David Johnson.

With those injuries seeming pretty hefty, especially Fluker and Jarret Johnson being out means some others will have to be stepping up. As well as Chris Watt playing in Center for Sundays game. Doesn’t seem like Philip needs all that help, anyway with the way he is playing, but It’d be nice not to have another scare like we did last Sunday with his hand. With the way Branden Oliver played, if Philip ever needs to let off, he can feel confident in his running game. Not to mention with Ronnie Brown back and hopefully doing more of those sprinkler moves.

That’s all I have for now, this will be a weekly topic I will publish every Friday. Hopefully nothing else happens with my publish button or any of that. I will also be bringing back “Brandon’s Starters” and a game recap the day after of every game.




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