Charles and the Chiefs run over the Chargers 23-20

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers


The Chiefs coming into the Q after their bye to take on the injury-ridden San Diego Chargers. This Sundays loss taught a lot about our rival, the Chiefs, that they aren’t a force to be taken too lightly and it also taught us some things about the Chargers’ that you think anybody would know. That something being that injuries are a very bad thing and can make a contender into what seems to be a pretender at this point.

Nothing but faith left for this Chargers’ team, but that’s exactly what it is, faith. Without that faith these Chargers’ would have not made it to the 5-2 they’re at currently and without faith they will certainly fall to the Denver Broncos this upcoming Thursday.

Playing 3 games in the time-span of 11 days is a bit hard. A lot harder when two of those teams(Raiders and Chiefs) were coming freshly off a bye and another negative is having a short week leading into Denver.. lead by none other than the NOW all-time leader in Touchdowns thrown. But there is a silver lining to this. At least he won’t break the record against the Chargers.

Watching Sunday shows that the Chargers’ were not ready for a great running back like Jamaal Charles. Hell, they weren’t even ready for Darren McFadden. Allowing Charles to run for 95 yards(4.3 AVG) and a touchdown in which he was leveled by Brandon Flowers(hurt on that same play, go figure). Jamaal Charles looked great on Sunday. Speaking of running backs, the kid Branden Oliver didn’t look too bad, either. Running for 67 yards(4.5 AVG) with two receptions for 11 yards made him seem like he is the real deal and that should make everyone exhale.

Don’t want to leave it on this note, but it is expected that Jason Verrett will not play Thursday against Denver and that means it will be a rough time. Especially if Brandon Flowers can’t get cleared.

Hopefully our San Diego Chargers’ aren’t all out of miracles yet. They need this one.


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