Brandons Starters – Week 10


Hello all, this week in Fantasy Football was a wild one. There was a nail biter in the league with my girlfriend and in my neighborhood league I played a pretty stout roster.. thankfully his studs were on byes. Well, shall we continue?


First off, in my Neighborhood League I was playing a neighbor that we will call Tim. I had gave him some advice the night before Sunday to pick up Andre Williams because he had Arian Foster on a bye(phew) and it seemed to work out for him; got him 9.80. To start the day off Drew Brees started off by shooting himself in the foot. Twice. But he started to pick it up getting me a solid 25. DeMarco did well, getting another 100 yards, but the Steelers(Le’Veon and Antonio) were just bombing. Antonio fumbling twice, after going into the game with not one on the season. Was weird, for sure. Overall it came out to a pretty solid win, a good 20 point win. Moved to 7-3 with the 2nd best record in the League, Next week I play somebody who has Mr. Hot Hands Rodgers at QB.


In the league with my girlfriend I played the person with the second best record(behind me, of course) and it was a fun one. He picked up a kicked, but didn’t swap him in time. It’s not like it mattered, Andy Dalton and Mohamed Sanu killed me on Thursday with a terrible performance from the Ginger. I was down about a point going into Monday Night Football with Greg Olsen left to play and I figured I knew I was set, but with how Carolina played tonight I’m glad I didn’t somehow get negative from him, too. Moved past him to improve my record to a clean 9-0 and I play a 2-9 team next week and I’m pretty sure they’ve given up, fun. But they do have DeMarco Murray, Megatron and Jordy Nelson. Sp we’ll have to see.

Hope you enjoyed my adventure this week and I’ll be back with you next Tuesday!


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