Is Philip Rivers underrated?

San Diego has been in the limelight this past week, as it always should be – not just for players that get heat or the city itself falling apart, but for a team that gives its heart every night they play in front of their home crowd.

Not talking about the San Diego Padres’ here, we’re talking about the San Diego Chargers. Despite last season ending on a very low, very disappointing record of 4-12, they still gave the city their all. All the talks of where they may-or-may-not be in the future lingering over the players, staff and fans heads, the players still gave everything – especially our own, Philip Rivers.

Philip is a special kind of player. Not only is he the cleanest talking quarterback in the league, has one of the goofiest throwing motions and has a knack for making all the wrong faces, at the right times, he gives everything. All home games for him and the team seemed like an away game. Not having a healthy receiving core and no real help in the backfield, the numbers he put up were tremendous. Last year, he was around 200 yards shy of surpassing 5,00 yards; he had 4,792. Just think, with his best receiver in Keenan Allen down very early in the season and the rest of his receivers, old or brand new to the team, he was the man last year. The only problem with this is, he wasn’t acknowledged pretty much at all.

Philip, last season had, some of the best stats in his career despite the lack of depth. He had 661 attempts but completed 437 of those. Had 29 passing touchdowns, with only thirteen interceptions. Call me biased, call me not. I feel as if Philip Rivers doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.


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