Melvin Gordon reaching out to Adrian Peterson for guidance

Melvin Gordon had a less than ideal rookie season. Rushed the ball 184 times last season, accounting for only 641 yards. The low-light stat for those 184 rushes is him fumbling the ball 5 times (6 in total). How does one fix this? Try harder in training and at camp? Well. Melvin reached out to a person he looked up to when he was growing up; Adrian Peterson.

Adrian Peterson is a star and everyone knows his name for the accolades he’s achieved, but those accolades didn’t come easy. Peterson also had a fumbling problem, a bad fumbling problem. Having 19 fumbles in his first 3 seasons looked like a huge red flag for the Vikings’ first round pick. But after that 3rd season, he got to work with a pretty good mentor in James Cooper. In the following 4 seasons, he only accounted for 8 fumbles.

With that being said about Adrian Peterson, it looks like Melvin Gordon might be in good hands with reaching out to one of the people he looks up to the most. It seems to be, that everyone is pretty optimistic for the upcoming season with newly drafted players in Joey Bosa and Co. And with the way that Gordon has been training in this off-season, people should be hyped about him, too.


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