James Jones embracing San Diego

James Jones is taking nothing for granted after his last hiatus from the NFL. He didn’t expect it to take as long as it did for somebody to pick up the phone and give him a call, but it did; he will not be taking one step for granted. When the Chargers’ gave him a call he knew they knew they were taking a chance. Just turning 32 in March, most teams see that as a red flag, he sees it as opportunity.

“But they always put that age in there, man,” Jones said. “You can’t ever fight age. I’m here to show that I still got it. I’m glad I got the opportunity to keep playing. … I feel great. On some routes, I feel 32. On some routes, I feel 22. You know what I mean? It just depends on the day.”

With Stevie Johnson out and the spot for 3rd receiver still up in the air, he still has a lot of chance to prove himself. At the rate he played last year, he may be taking snaps away from Travis Benjamin in the 2nd position. But with Philip Rivers throwing to him, who knows what can actually happen. He still serves as a major Red Zone threat, pulling in 8 touchdowns for the Green Bay Packers last season; 51 over the course of his 9 year career. Some would argue, at 31, last season being his best season in the league. Having said 8 touchdowns, but 891 yards to go with that and only 1 fumble.

James Jones is not the one to take something for granted. The man spent majority of his childhood homeless and just searching for hope.

“I was homeless when I grew up for the first 15 years of my life,” Jones said. “My mom and I lived in homeless shelters, cars, motels, all that good stuff. A very humble upbringing, so every day I come out here, and I’ve just got a smile on my face. No matter how the day may look, I’ve seen worse.”



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