Chargers Fan Fest 2016

The Chargers hosted Fan Fest yesterday and the turn out was insane; a reported 18,000 people showed, for a practice at Qualcomm Stadium to see how the 2016 Chargers roster looks.

Fans started standing in line to wait about 3o minutes to get inside and once inside you head to your seats to watch the games begin. For about the first hour there was special teams drills and the Charger Girls showing off their moves for the first time this year. After that hour it was followed by each position getting into their own lines and working out followed by the 7-on-7 drills. All of these lacked a bit of tempo and didn’t really feel like the players wanted to be there. Scariest part was Keenan Allen leaving early due to injury, which is reported now that he’s doing well.

The QB drills showed that Philip Rivers is still the savior, Zack Mettenberger shouldn’t be an NFL QB and Mike Bercovici looked like he knew what he was doing in the huddle.

As far as wide recievers go, Tyrell Williams is the truth, James Jones looked like James Jones, minus the hoodie and Dontrelle Inman and Jevonte Herdon might be looking to get the boot.

Denzel Perryman still isn’t dressing out for the ILB’s, but Jatavis Brown looks to be doing well taking the first-team snaps. Joshua Perry looked to prove himself a lot more taking snaps with the 2s AND 3s; seems like he’ll fit in well with the Special Teams for a Rookie.


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