Chargers 2016 prediction

The San Diego Chargers were 4-12 last year, not due to skill, but due to luck. The Chargers have had some of the leagues worst luck these last few years when it comes to injuries. The recurring joke is the leagues most dangerous job is being a Chargers center and it’s true, in a sense. In reality, not a lot of positions last very long. Could be the player and they’re riddled with injuries or it could be the strength and conditioning staff, but that’s a different article; we’ll let this season tell the story.

I don’t believe the Chargers will be the best in division this year, but I do believe they won’t be last. With how the Kansas City Chiefs played last year and adding to the roster, they aren’t looking worse. With the Oakland Raiders coming full circle and now having a competent Quarterback, it won’t be a cakewalk; their defense isn’t a walk in the park, either. They lost Charles Woodson and Justin Tuck, but they’re just filled the void either in the draft or with current players. As for the Denver Broncos, they don’t have a home at Quarterback with Peyton Manning retiring and Brock Osweiler heading to Houston, they are now stuck with Trevor Siemian. But, they still have the leagues Top-3 defense.

Now for the Chargers, like I said, they won’t be first and they won’t be last, I believe with Ken Whisenhunt back at Offensive Coordinator, the offense will be flying once again. It’s unfortunate to see Branden Oliver and Stevie Johnson already on IR, but they have some wonderful players to step in. The wide receiver depth-chart hasn’t been deeper in any of the previous year, with Keenan Allen, Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams. If Keenan Allen can remain healthy, we all know what he is capable of; he was on track to set the receiving record before he was hurt last season. We have fast feet in Travis Benjamin and an all-around stud in Tyrell Williams.

I’m, personally, not a fan of having four Running Backs on any roster, but that’s what the Bolts are known for, for some reason. Sky is the limit for Melvin Gordon and we finally saw a touchdown from him in the preseason, but we all hope he can recreate in the regular season and hopefully, the postseason. Danny Woodhead; do I have to say anymore? He’s a stud; a God among┬ámen. He can play out of the backfield, he can play in the slot, hell. he could probably play Quarterback. Anyway, back to the story… Kenneth Farrow won the roster spot over Gus Johnson and it looks to be well deserved. Newly added Andre Williams brings his talent over from the New York Giants and plans to “punish the opposition.”

I could dedicate a whole blog to how great and underappreciated our Quarterback is; Philip Rivers is the best quarterback in the league and I will argue that with whoever wants to. He hasn’t had a healthy wide out to throw to all season long in too many seasons to remember. He’s outlived wide receivers, running backs, centers, tackles and all of that. It is difficult to outlive that who doesn’t age. Serious now, he has a stout core in running backs and receivers this year. The line could be better, but everyone that pays attention, knows Rivers does better under pressure. Him working with Whisenhunt again has me extremely excited. He can produce at the rate he was before Frank Reich came in and did his stuff.

John Pagano is still the Defensive Coordinator, which doesn’t have me ecstatic. The defense has looked much better other years as opposed to other years, but it may be different this year due to players being healthy. Brandon Flowers looked very sluggish last year, but he has been going to work this off-season. He looks fast and he looks aware. Jason Verrett is back and is ready to go. Having him line up with Flowers, that could put number one and two wide receivers on lock.

It’s a terrible feeling knowing that we lost Eric Weddle and his beard, but we do have depth at safety. Nobody will beat Weddle, but there is Dwight Lowery and Jahleel Addae playing in the secondary. If Addae can stay healthy, he plays like a bat out of hell. Not afraid to make tackles and not afraid to play close in cover 2. You still have Kyle Emanuel to watch, along with newly Captain for the 2016 season, Manti Te’o and Denzel Perryman will be a huge headache for opposing teams front 5.

Overall, the San Diego Chargers won’t be worse than last seasons 4-12. I feel like they’ll be better, but not MUCH better. I believe they will go 7-9 and finish 3rd in the division, beating out the Broncos.


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