Joey Bosa not expected for week one

Everything is pointing straight towards the Chargers 3rd-overall pick to miss the first game of the season.

The Chargers have practiced in pads on Monday and Wednesday this week, with no sign of Joey Bosa due to “tightness,” as what the team is calling it. The contract dispute this offseason kept Bosa from stepping foot on the practice field and no preseason games. When was the last time Joey Bosa did anything in pads? January 1st of this year at the Fiesta Bowl; Joey was still in College at Ohio State.

The team has said they will not push Bosa to play in the opener for the sake of his health and well-being, not only for the team, but himself. The Chargers knew what they dove into and the fans should have expected some sort of repercussion from a man who reported 31 days he missed in between camp and signing.

Best case scenario; Bosa gets the rest he needs for his tightness and sees a few snaps in Week 2 at the home opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Worst case? He doesn’t see even a limited practice for at least 2 weeks. The defense practiced without him and went through 4 games in the preseason without him. For example, a few words Corey Liuget had on him.

“It’d be great to have him, but we did the whole training camp without him and other things without him. It’s sad that he’s not going to be there, but we have to go handle business because this is our job.”



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