Philip River reconstructs contract for Chargers

Everyone that follows the Charges closely, whether it be a fan or due to being a fan of a team in the same division, will tell you that Philip Rivers believes in the team first. The man is all-in when it comes to the team and that’s where this restructure comes from. He believes giving the organization as much wiggle room and to avoid the cap space situation. Of course, that’s not all on him, you have other factors. Stevie Johnson, though on IR, will account for $3.9 million against said cap without ever playing a down in the regular season.

There’s nothing foreshadowing that this was done for a signing or a trade, but more just the cushion of not being over the cap. The reconstruction also offers to free up $1.5 million in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Rivers is still the largest salary on the roster currently, sitting at $10.5 million. Followed by Melvin Ingram and Brandon Flowers. Ingram is in his final, team-option year for his contract. He was one of the others that needed to reconstruction if Rivers wasn’t willing. This season is where Flowers gets his guaranteed money, as to why he is in the top 3.

Philip Rivers will still be earning $16.5 million this year and will just be worse the next 3-years. They always find a way to be under-cap, but it’s never a fun ride to watching how they do. At times they eat the players salary or cut perfectly healthy players to account for money.


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