Chargers at Chiefs: The One Where the Chargers Implode

This game started very abnormal, but finished like a very normal San Diego game, at least within recent memory. The Chargers started the day like a bat out of hell. Melvin Gordon was running with purpose, Keenan Allen was picking up first downs just like before his lacerated kidney and the defense looked like an NFL defense. 21-3 Chargers, going into the half, but that’s when everything took a turn for the worst. But we’ll get to that later.

Melvin Gordon had TWO rushing touchdowns today. 2. That’s twice as many as last year and it’s something to be really excited about. So, this article won’t be all negative, there are some bright sides. But here’s the bad part; Keenan Allen may not see the turf again this season due to a non-contact injury to his knee. Just as he was looking to be the same Keenan we all saw last year, before he went out for the rest of the season.

Wait, there’s another bright side! And his name is Tyrell Willams. Williams was a stud at camp this offseason and in the preseason. He’s no Keenan Allen, but he will be more than welcomed to mesh with Rivers. There was also a few Danny Woodhead sightings today, but that’s always expected.

This game was going all too well leading into the half, but with the Keenan Allen injury, it just looked like the team had no passion. The 2nd-half belonged to Kansas City. Spencer Ware had the Chargers number and boy he was making them pay. The Chargers had no answer for Ware marching all over them. By the way, he looks to be a very solid fit in for Jamaal Charles.

All-in-all, I wouldn’t be all that alarmed over this. Yes, they did blow an 18 point lead. Yes, they only added two field goals in the 2nd-half. But, Melvin Gordon looked 100% better than he did at anytime last season and Tyrell Williams is the up-and-comer we were all wanting. You have the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday. Which, by the looks of it, won’t be a walk in the park.


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