Chargers at Colts prediction

San Diego Chargers (1-1) at Indianapolis Colts (0-2)

The Chargers lead the series against the Colts 16-9, as well as postseason series; 2-1. The Colts have lost their last 6-of-7 against the Chargers, including the playoffs. Their last win against the Chargers came in November of 2008; the final score was 23-20.

Now that you have a background, here’s what’s to look forward to. Philip Rivers is without Danny Woodhead, Keenan Allen and now possibly, Antonio Gates. Looks really bad, right? Yes, in a way, but now the Chargers have Tyrell Willains showing up and an actual run game to lean on. Melvin Gordon is finally running with purpose and it is a thing of absolute beauty. The Colts’ are ranked 29th against the run, allowing around 125.0 yards a game. With that the case, Melvin Gordon may see another 100-yard game, would be two in a row.

On the other side of the ball, the Chargers are 29th in pass defense allowing 324.5 yards a game, but not many touchdowns from those yards. Jason Verrett will be on T.Y. Hilton, so expect to see a matchup there. We all know how Andrew Luck can be against a poor pass defense, so maybe he’ll come out swinging or maybe he’ll fall and never get back up. Chester Rogers is in for sidelined Donte Moncrief, so he may see a lot more action on his side of the field. Brandon Flowers may be put on him, but he is a very maneuverable person.

With how well the Chargers run game has been and how astounding Philip Rivers has been throwing, I’m going to pick the Chargers in this game, 24-10.


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