Quick Recap: Saints at Chargers

“That’s disgusting” nothing sums up today better. Unless, you’re a Saints fan. Then you just saw one of the better comebacks in recent memory. The Saints and Drew Brees rallied back 13 points, in the last 4 minutes and 50 seconds to score the win in San Diego today. Two crucial turnover, committed by Melvin Gordon and Travis Benjamin, paved the way to sweet victory for the Saints. John Kuhn had am outing with the Chargers defense. Not a lot was drawn up, they always ran him off the block, but the Chargers never had an answer.

You knew the game was going to take a turn for the worst when Mike McCoy calls a timeout FOR the Saints when it’s 4th-and-2. That’s just something you can’t make up. Brees throws two interceptions today, the Chargers defense is flying high. Jason Verrett is looking better this week, Craig Mager actually contributed to the defense, but it just wasn’t enough to keep fighting back. Going into the 4th quarter, it looked as if the Chargers players just gave up; there was no fire. They were up 13, what could go wrong? Everything. Everything went wrong.

You can’t put the blame on a single individual today. The play calling was awful, the defense wasn’t stopping the same play that has been running them over all day in the red zone, questionable calls by the coordinators and players just not holding onto the ball. Everyone is calling for McCoy’s and Pagano’s head, which I can agree with, something needs to happen. But it’s on the players, too.

Next week will be no break either. A division game against the Oakland Raiders IN Oakland. Derek Carr is looking like he’s hitting his stride perfectly and he’s playing to be the best QB in the AFC West. Thankfully, the Raiders defense has been terrible as of late, so maybe Philip Rivers and Co. can take advantage of that because they really need this win.


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