Chargers at Raiders: The Bad News Bears

After the botched hold on the game-tying field goal, the words that come out of Philip Rivers’ mouth on the sideline state “we’re the Bad News Bears.” At this point, there’s all truth to that statement. You couldn’t have a script writer come up with a better way of the Chargers losing these games in the final minutes. Between fumbles, missed catches and botched punts, this season has been a rollercoaster ride and it won’t be easier come Thursday, when they play the 4-1 Denver Broncos.

Despite having 4 turnovers yesterday, the Chargers only lost by a margin of 3. But nonetheless, it was a loss. Philip Rivers threw some questionable passes downfield, Melvin Gordon looks to be struggling with the ball, again, fumbling in a second-straight game. The receivers aren’t cutting in when they’re supposed to, instead flying out wide to try to gain more(?) yards when they could pick up the 1st down easily.

Philip Rivers was 21-30, 359 yards and 4 passing touchdowns. It seemed like a normal Rivers outing, being the great, underrated QB that he is. Melvin Gordon averaged 4.3 yards a carry yesterday on 16 attempts(picking up 69 yards). He also seemed to do very well about picking up the blitz when he was set to protect Rivers from such thing, so that’s something to continue to look for. Antonio Gates caught another touchdown and is now 5 away from tying Tony Gonzalez’ record at 111 touchdowns(Gates at 106). Hunter Henry has looked incredible. In his last 3 games he has 227 yards, averaging 17.5 yards a game and has two touchdowns. Tyrell Williams still looks like the obvious number one in the case of the missing receivers in San Diego, but Travis Benjamin is not very far behind; both having 117 yards yesterday, Williams with one touchdown.

In his first game as a Charger, Joey Bosa had a lot to prove. Not because he was the Chargers 1st round-pick, not because he’s the newest on defense, but because the fans had to suffer through the game of cat-and-mouse with the front office, him and his agent. It is very apparent, though, he is the real deal. Out of 71 defensive snaps, Bosa played in 27 and his stat line is insane for that limited amount.

  • 2 sacks
  • 2 QB hurries
  • 5 tackles, 3 resulting in a loss of yards

For anybody that had doubt in the guy, as a player, should be getting onboard right about now.

As far as the Raiders go, they got bailed out by a poorly executed Chargers team. Despite the 4 turnovers and the muffed punt for 16 yards, they only one by 3 points; a missed FG. Don’t get me wrong, Derek Carr is still arguably the best QB in the AFC West and Amari Cooper will only get better with time, but their defense isn’t amounting to the hype that this offseason created. Yes, they are currently sitting atop of the west at 4-1, yes they did beat the Chargers, but for how long?

The Chargers have a short-week to play on. They play the Denver Broncos on national TV come Thursday night. It will not be easy, especially if Trevor Siemian is back at the reins, which according to reports, it looks like he will be. So we may be seeing a lot of Demaryius Thomas action, along with Emmanuel Sanders and Co.

Also, keep an eye out for Mike McCoy. He may not be around much longer.


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