Joey Bosa: Who We All Expected Him to Be

Joey Bosa. That’s becoming a household name now, especially among Chargers and Broncos houses. Last night we all saw what he is truly capable of. Not just us as Charger fans, but nationwide – hell, even worldwide.

He played 55-of-77 snaps last night and he made sure he was noticed. One QB hit, 5 QB hurries and a stop. When he wasn’t the one getting to Sieman, he made the opportunity open to his teammates. Melvin Ingram found himself behind the Broncos line a few times and so did the outstanding rookie pass-rushing linebacker Jatavis Brown.

Last week against the Oakland Raiders, he didn’t make life any easier for Derek Carr. Resulting in two sacks, a hurry and four hurries. All in only 27 snaps. This being against a vetern-heavy offensive line.

His name was a hot commodity there for a bit, not in a good way. Contract talks between the agent, him and the team. Made people beginĀ hating him for what he had no control over. Then once he was finally given the clear to play, he had injured his hamstring; which didn’t make it any better for the fans. Again, you have people questioning whether his heart is actually in it. If he actually wants to play or just get all that guaranteed money he and his agent fought for. Boy, those people sure are eating those words now.

Yes, the team is 2-4. Yes, there’s an IR list growing at a very exponential rate. Yes, McCoy may have saved his job after this win in Denver. But there is always a bright side. That bright side is that you have these rookies to look forward to. All they’re doing now is getting practice; practice they can apply to next year. Think of it this way. If Joey Bosa plays out the season and just keeps getting better, picture him coming onto the field after his all-star offense loaded with weapons just marches down field and scores. He’s hyped and so are you.

It can only get better from here. Just remember the name; Joey Bosa.


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