Chargers Players Surprise Hospital Patient

Here’s a round-up of some news stories from around the league about the Chargers. Some are inspirational, some are about stats.

San Diego Tribune

The-40-year-old wife and mother of five developed a severe sepsis infection while visiting family in Mexico. She fell ill and unfortunately went into septic shock, which landed her in the hospital.

Chargers Blog

Despite suffering a heartbreaking loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons’ focus is solely on the San Diego Chargers.

Among players they are impressed by on the Chargers roster, Head Coach Dan Quinn made a point to single out the team’s rookie class.

San Diego Tribune

Brown, a fifth-round pick on the third day of the NFL Draft in April, has brought a first-day return this season. He is athletic. He is instinctive. And maybe above all, he has the want-to, a love for football that derives from an older brother who passed away when Brown was 9.

CBS Sports

We’re gonna stay warm with a couple of dogs and one huge favorite, including a Tennessee team we’ve been riding and a San Diego team that’s been strong against the spread (4-2, although their opponent is 5-1).


Young defensive players like Melvin Ingram and Corey Liuget got an up-close look at how Freeney meticulously prepared and took care of his body during an NFL season, including his use of a hyperbaric chamber at home to help aid in his recovery from the physical toll of games and practices.



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