Joey Bosa is What We Expected Him To Be

I can remember a time that Joey Bosa was just a name you heard when you turned on Sports Center and they’d talk about how he was in a contract dispute with the San Diego Chargers. Or that when he did take the field, he wouldn’t amount to anything because he didn’t fit the scheme or practice in summer camp. Well, how all of those people are eating those words now.

Joey Bosa started his 3rd game of his career last night. Just his THIRD. He already has 4 sacks on the season; two coming from the Falcons’ game last night. He has had 20 pressures on the QB; that’s the highest in the last decade – by a big margin.


There’s also only 23 edge rushers that are in front of him for pressures – and again, he’s only played 3 games.

He is tied for the most sacks in the league with Yannick Ngakoue. Guess who’s at number 3? Our boy, Jatavis Brown. That’s a whole different topic, this one is all about Joey Bosa.

Bosa is becoming to the AFC West what JJ Watt was to the AFC South. He’s the person who the linemen have nightmares about all week and who the defensive coordinators create schemes just for him. He’s a quarterbacks worst fear(just ask Matt Ryan and Derek Carr).

Look at him just blow past Joseph Cheek. Given, he’s a rookie as well, but he still made him look silly and Ryan started running for dear life itself.

With what the Chargers have; a great quarterback in Philip Rivers and a great defensive end in Joey Bosa. There are players like JJ Watt, that you see making a franchise for what they are and becoming their star player. Thankfully, the Chargers have had luck in Philip Rivers and, if luck stays by them, they could make a playoff push. So don’t be shocked if you see them in the postseason.


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