Chargers – Playoff Bound?

Regarding my yesterday post about Joey Bosa and him bringing playoff hopes to the city of San Diego.

One thing the Chargers as a team have been lacking for some time now, has been pass rush. We haven’t really seen a GOOD pass rush since the days of Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman. But now, they have something going not just with Joey Bosa, but with Jatavis Brown.

Brown hasn’t been flying too low on the radar as he was towards the beginning of the season. Him winning the Rookie of the Week this last week was definitely a confidence booster for him and it showed in the Atlanta Falcons game.

Now, you probably have teams setting up plays to double-team Bosa. So, if they do that, you leave either a tight end or a running back to pick up the extra man. That extra man being Brown and he has proven that he can be trusted against certain linemen.

Jatavis Brown is top 3 in sacks for this season(top two being Joey Bosa and Yannick Ngakoue) and will only go up as the season goes.

The Chargers have suffered their fair amount of injuries to the offense and defense, but still manage to stay afloat amidst the storm. Philip Rivers is a force to reckon with. Year in and year out, people always look at him as the QB that doesn’t succeed and everyone blames him. I can’t tell you the last season he had a healthy number 1 receiver play the entire season. Yet, he can still keep up as far as stats go with completions, yards thrown and touchdowns thrown.

This year they aren’t the healthiest they’ve ever been, but they have a mixture of a great offense and a solid defense. If Philip can keep it up with Tyrell Williams and the gang of receivers, while Bosa and Co can keep the QB from throwing bombs down field, we can stay afloat.

I’m not saying get excited and feel that it’s a definite thing that the Chargers will make it to the playoffs, but just leave a little hope.


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