Jatavis Brown Honoring His Father on Sunday Hours After He Passed Away

Going out with a clear mind and open eyes is something you really need in football – or any sport for that matter. Not just for yourself, but for your team. You don’t want to be the distraction that causes everyone to shift their focus. That’s exactly what Chargers’ rookie linebacker, Jatavis Brown did.

Shortly after stepping on the plane to head to Atlanta, the rookie got a call from his brother. A call that nobody should ever have to hear; Jatavis Brown’ brother had passed away.

Only a few souls knew what was on his mind that day and what was simmering in his heart, but he didn’t let that stop him.He knew how important this game against Atlanta was, not just for the team, but for himself and his father. He wanted to do it – for him.

“It was really emotional for me, but I knew he was in a better place.I thought a lot about him, especially before the game,” Brown said.

Back in the locker room after the game, head coach Mike McCoy was giving the players their praise for coming back from down 17. After giving that speech, he then hands the game ball to none other than Brown explaining to the team what had happened. His teammates then surrounded him giving him the much-needed support.

“That was very special to me, For coach to do that, and then the way my teammates (responded), it was (overwhelming).  This is a brotherhood here.  I care about every guy here, and I know every guy cares about each other.”

Brown last spoke with his father just a few days ago. They talked about a lot, including the Bronco game, in which Jatavis Brown received Pepsi Rookie of the Week, for.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without him,” Brown said.  “Everything about him was special.  He took care of me from the time I was born until the day he passed away.  He meant so much to me.  I learned everything from my dad.  He taught me how to be a man. He was the kind of guy who cared about everybody, and he didn’t look for anything in return.  He did everything he did in life for me and my family.”


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