Chargers at Broncos: The One The Chargers Drop

This was the game that the Chargers needed. The organization knew it, the team knew it and the fans knew it. The Broncos’ defense got into Philip Rivers head today and the Chargers defense was dropping opportunities to turn the games momentum around.

The Chargers dropped four could-be interceptions going into the half. Meanwhile, Denver hauled in 3 picks of their own – one being a pick-6 ran back by Bradley Roby. Can’t put the blame all of the shoulders of Rivers as you should never blame one person; it was a team loss.

The Chargers had a missed field goal, a blocked extra-point, a failed two-point conversion and allowed 2 touchdowns off of two interceptions. Today the Gods were not looking out for the San Diego Chargers. Given, there was a catch hauled in by Travis Benjamin that was just an outstanding catch. But that wasn’t enough to win the game.

The Chargers have been digging their own hole in these previous weeks, literally giving these games away in dramatic fashions. Both the Broncos and Raiders lead the AFC West, while the Chargers still remain behind the third-place Chiefs.

Joey Bosa still looked pretty good today and looks to stay on track to only get better. Jatavis Brown got taken out of the game due to a knee injury, so we’ll hear more about that as the week persists. The story of today is when Melvin Gordon took out Defensive Coordinator, Wade Phillips on the sideline today. It was unintentional, but it was still a very scary moment for everyone. He has since been released, but was carted off the field and taken to the hospital.

Antonio Gates also pulled in another touchdown today, bringing him that much closer to the all-time touchdown record for a tight end. He’s four away from tying, 5 from breaking it.

“I think it’s pretty obvious that in some of those (five losses), if we made a couple more plays, didn’t blow big leads or things like that, we’d be sitting in a different position,” safety Dwight Lowery said. “The game today wouldn’t feel as monumental. Every division game means a lot, but certainly, with the position we put ourselves in, it was monumental. Crazier things have happened, but it’s not looking good.”

Despite having a 100 yard+ game today, they didn’t choose to run Melvin Gordon when they were on the 2-yard line waiting to score, instead running 4 pass plays that didn’t connect.

“We called what we called, and it didn’t work,” McCoy said. “Of course, we can look back now, but we didn’t score.”

The Broncos defense stacked the box on each of those plays, but there could have been at least one try at the run, right? Rivers said none of the four passes were initial run calls that he checked out of pre-snap.

“After the fact, you kind of go, ‘Shoot, maybe we should have run once or twice down there.’” But when you’re going and you’re in the heat of it, you feel like you have a chance to throw it and score with what we called. That third-down miss to Gates is what I’m really sick about. They brought up the same coverage four straight plays. … I was trying to lay that quarter out to Gates like I’ve done a lot of times over the last 10 years, and (I) just missed him,” Rivers said.

Instead of sitting here and asking what they could do right, they should learn to execute. They play the Tennessee Titans next week and they will not have an easy time with them.n Demarco Murray is on course to have the best season of his career. Kendall Wright is looking really comfortable with Marcus Mariota, as well.


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