A Message From Danny Woodhead

“I’m doing great,” he said after an early morning rehab session. “I really am.  I am doing everything to get back.  My spirits are high. I’m very pleased with my progression.  It sucks being out, but injuries are a part of football.  It is what it is.  It’s part of the game. Does it suck? Yeah, but I’m not going to dwell on it. I know God has a plan for me.”

Woodhead then pauses and lets out the big smile that has endeared him to Chargers fans over the last four seasons.

“… But I will say I’m really excited for next year.”

Since 2013, we have not seen Danny Woodhead play a full season of football. In 2014, Woodhead broke his ankle in Week 3, which put him out for the entire season. This year, he tore his ACL in Week 2.

But don’t think this put him out of commission because it didn’t. Since he got carted off the field in week 2, he’s been a very familiar face at Chargers Park. He spends hours between rehabilitating his knee, to talks with his teammates.

Now that he’s familiar with what it takes to come back from a season-ending injury, he knows exactly what to do to come back better and stronger. Not only rehabilitating his knee at Chargers Park, he rehabs it at home with his Wife and three kids.

“You can’t just go into the building, rehab and then go home and be done.  Sometimes I feel like I spend more time working when I’m home (than just being at home) because I’m busy with my knee. I spend the whole day focusing on getting it better.”

Not calling it quits, he gives a listening ear and a helpful voice to his teammates whenever they need help or advice. Him also eyeing a 2017 return keeps him going forward.

“I care about these guys.  I’m here every day, and I’ve been through it with these guys.  When they need me, I’m here for them.  They all know that I care about them.  We’re all brothers in here, so everyone knows even though I’m not playing that I’m always a guy that they can talk to.”

He’s also been hyping up certain players, one being fellow running back, Melvin Gordon. Gordon, who didn’t score a single touchdown is now in the top 5 for running touchdowns in this year, so far. Not just running the ball, but in pass protection, as well.

“(He’s been) awesome. He’s playing it more because of the circumstances, and he’s done a great job.  And he also looks good running the ball.  He’s doing everything.  He’s working hard and doing everything he can each game,” Woodhead said


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