Joey Bosa Named Defensive Rookie of the Month

Joey Bosa didn’t get the training wheels off very quick due to a long-winded contract dispute and then once that was solved, he had a lingering hamstring injury. But once he did, he was a household name.

Bosa has played in four games; only starting in 3. He’s marked 4 sacks, 11 tackles and 2 assisted tackles and too many hurries to count. Yes, he hasn’t shown all the progression. There’s his duo, MelvinĀ Ingram who has shown up a lot this season. As well as Denzel Perryman and Jatavis Brown, but this month’s spotlight is on Joey Bosa.

Only having four games under his belt and is already showing the spotlight what he’s capable of just shows how much of a force he is.

This month Ezekiel Elliot is the Offensive Rookie of the month. Both Bosa and Elliot coming from Ohio State is showing that it seemed like a very goof draft choice for the two teams.

So live it up, Joey Bosa. Today is your day.


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