Chargers in Contact with L.A. Coliseum about Playing there in 2017

San Diego Chargers in contact with L.A. Coliseum about possible move

The San Diego Chargers recently have been in contact with representatives of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum about possibly relocating there for the 2017 season

Mayor, Chargers meet on stadium situation

The roughly half-hour conversation included a general discussion of the “stadium situation” and Maas reiterating that the Chargers won’t be making any decisions about a possible move to Los Angeles until after their season ends Jan. 1, a Faulconer spokesman said.

Prospects for Chargers Fans to Watch Out For

If Chargers fans are looking for some fun and entertaining football for the remainder of the year, then they should look no further to the college football bowl season.

Chargers owner still weighing options tied to potential relocation\

Chargers owner Dean Spanos and other team executives have a meeting scheduled for later this week with San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other San Diego business leaders, according to sources with direct knowledge of the situation. These meetings likely will continue until the January 15 deadline to decide whether to move in with the Rams in Los Angeles.



Denzel Perryman Looking to Gain More

What the Chargers are Thankful for This Thanksgiving – Chargers

A gathering of quotes from some of your favorite Chargers’ players on what they’re most thankful for come Thanksgiving 2016.

Thanksgiving lbs please Chargers LB – The San Diego Tribune

“I want to gain back my weight,” Perryman said this week.

Perryman, who will return to the lineup Sunday at Houston, said he lost a few pounds the past three weeks as he recovered from hamstring and shoulder injuries.

Chargers fullback Derek Watt carves his own niche in NFL – The Houston Chronicle

On Sunday, the special-teams contributor and primary lead blocker for star running back Melvin Gordon will represent the Watt family at NRG Stadium as the Chargers square off against the Texans.


Jatavis Brown Honoring His Father on Sunday Hours After He Passed Away

Going out with a clear mind and open eyes is something you really need in football – or any sport for that matter. Not just for yourself, but for your team. You don’t want to be the distraction that causes everyone to shift their focus. That’s exactly what Chargers’ rookie linebacker, Jatavis Brown did.

Shortly after stepping on the plane to head to Atlanta, the rookie got a call from his brother. A call that nobody should ever have to hear; Jatavis Brown’ brother had passed away.

Only a few souls knew what was on his mind that day and what was simmering in his heart, but he didn’t let that stop him.He knew how important this game against Atlanta was, not just for the team, but for himself and his father. He wanted to do it – for him.

“It was really emotional for me, but I knew he was in a better place.I thought a lot about him, especially before the game,” Brown said.

Back in the locker room after the game, head coach Mike McCoy was giving the players their praise for coming back from down 17. After giving that speech, he then hands the game ball to none other than Brown explaining to the team what had happened. His teammates then surrounded him giving him the much-needed support.

“That was very special to me, For coach to do that, and then the way my teammates (responded), it was (overwhelming).  This is a brotherhood here.  I care about every guy here, and I know every guy cares about each other.”

Brown last spoke with his father just a few days ago. They talked about a lot, including the Bronco game, in which Jatavis Brown received Pepsi Rookie of the Week, for.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without him,” Brown said.  “Everything about him was special.  He took care of me from the time I was born until the day he passed away.  He meant so much to me.  I learned everything from my dad.  He taught me how to be a man. He was the kind of guy who cared about everybody, and he didn’t look for anything in return.  He did everything he did in life for me and my family.”


Chargers – Playoff Bound?

Regarding my yesterday post about Joey Bosa and him bringing playoff hopes to the city of San Diego.

One thing the Chargers as a team have been lacking for some time now, has been pass rush. We haven’t really seen a GOOD pass rush since the days of Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman. But now, they have something going not just with Joey Bosa, but with Jatavis Brown.

Brown hasn’t been flying too low on the radar as he was towards the beginning of the season. Him winning the Rookie of the Week this last week was definitely a confidence booster for him and it showed in the Atlanta Falcons game.

Now, you probably have teams setting up plays to double-team Bosa. So, if they do that, you leave either a tight end or a running back to pick up the extra man. That extra man being Brown and he has proven that he can be trusted against certain linemen.

Jatavis Brown is top 3 in sacks for this season(top two being Joey Bosa and Yannick Ngakoue) and will only go up as the season goes.

The Chargers have suffered their fair amount of injuries to the offense and defense, but still manage to stay afloat amidst the storm. Philip Rivers is a force to reckon with. Year in and year out, people always look at him as the QB that doesn’t succeed and everyone blames him. I can’t tell you the last season he had a healthy number 1 receiver play the entire season. Yet, he can still keep up as far as stats go with completions, yards thrown and touchdowns thrown.

This year they aren’t the healthiest they’ve ever been, but they have a mixture of a great offense and a solid defense. If Philip can keep it up with Tyrell Williams and the gang of receivers, while Bosa and Co can keep the QB from throwing bombs down field, we can stay afloat.

I’m not saying get excited and feel that it’s a definite thing that the Chargers will make it to the playoffs, but just leave a little hope.

Chris Watt Becoming An Issue?

Chris Watt had offseason surgery and was unable to practice during the summer. The team did not place him on IR but instead elected to have him begin the season on the PUP list. Watt is now eligible to begin practicing this week if he is ready. He has a 5 week window to start practicing and once he does start practicing, the team has a 21 day window to activate him onto the 53 man roster. If either of those deadlines are missed, Watt will then remain on the PUP for the rest of the season.

The interesting question, assuming that Watt will be ready to play again this season, now becomes, what should the team do with him?

Despite a couple of the interior starters being banged up earlier in the year, Orlando Franklin, D.J. Fluker, and Matt Slauson all played every offensive snap this week. The team seems to love Kenny Wiggins, who even got a couple snaps at RT this week, and UDFA Spencer Pulley. 3rd round pick Max Tuerk has been inactive every week this season. So what do they do with Watt?

Tyreek Burwell seems like he could be the odd man out here since the team even elected to throw Wiggins in at T for a few snaps this week over Burwell. Watt also hasn’t really lived up to his draft position in his career so far either but I don’t see Tom Telesco taking the L and releasing him.

Needless to say, the Chargers have a somewhat tough decision over the next few weeks as to what to do with Chris Watt.

Saints at Chargers: The One Where the Chargers Give it Away

The New Orleans Saints received the opening kickoff and started the game on offense. Drew Brees and the Saints showed early on that they could move the ball either passing or running the ball. The Chargers defense had a few opportunities to get off the field on 3rd down, but when you need to move the sticks, you can always just throw to the guy covered by Craig Mager. Although, in fairness to Mager, the entire defense looked equally inept. The drive only ended when Mark Ingram was allowed to jog into the end zone untouched.

The Chargers offense “responded” by going three and out.

The Saints were moving the ball again and had converted another 3rd down, but on the next 3rd down, Jerry Attaochu won his one-on-one and got to Brees to force a punt. Travis Benjamin then had his first big return of the season to set up Philip Rivers and the offense with decent field position.

Hunter Henry picked up the Chargers’ first 1st down of the game with a nice catch and run in the middle of the field. Dexter McCluster then showed off his open-field running on a swing pass that picked up another 1st down. Melvin Gordon, not to be outdone, picked up another 1st down on the ground. Orlando Franklin left the game with an apparent injury. Henry scored on a seam route on the next play.

Early on the Saints’ next drive, the Chargers had an opportunity to get off the field on 3rd & 1 but allowed John Kuhn to convert with ease.

Jatavis Brown made a very solid play going across the field to make a stop after only a two-yard game. A false start moved the Saints back. Then the defense sniffed out a screen to set up 3rd & long. An easy pitch and catch to Brandin Cooks defended by Jason Verrett moved the chains. Kyle Emanuel blew up the next play in the backfield.

On the next play, Mark Ingram caught a pass and fell to the ground, but he was not whistled down by contact. He got up and ran for the 1st down. Mike McCoy used his first challenge of the day the hopes that he was down by contact. Ingram had clearly been touched by Brown and the call on the field was reversed. It did not matter, though, because Willie Snead picked up all of the yards taken away and more on the very next play by beating Casey Hayward.

A couple runs by Daniel Lasco and a short pass to John Kuhn later, the Saints were back on top 14-7. The truly scary thing was that Brees had his pick of three guys that were wide open for a touchdown on that play.

In danger of going three and out, the Chargers turned to an unlikely hero when Inman got open across the middle of the field for a 1st down. And then on the very next play was left all alone down the sideline where he caught a Rivers’ pass for a 57-yard touchdown.

Drew Brees then threw a pass that got tipped into the hands of Craig Mager. The Chargers took a shot on their first play with the ball and Travis Benjamin bot the offense inside the red zone. The drive quickly fizzled out, though, and Josh Lambo came on to kick a field goal. It was a disappointing drive, but it gave the Chargers the lead.

A pair of Saints holding penalties put them in a tough spot and on 3rd down, Melvin Ingramsacked Drew Brees to force a punt. Benjamin was unable to get much on the return.

Philip Rivers took over in Saints territory to start the two-minute drill. They moved the ball well at first even without Chris Hairston who apparently injured his right leg. D.J. Fluker was shifted to right tackle, Spencer Pulley to right guard, and Joe Barksdale to left tackle. A D.J. Fluker holding penalty threatened to kill the drive. Melvin Gordon caught a short pass and fought for the 1st down, though. There was a booth review, but there was nothing on video to support overturning the ruling on the field. Rivers found an open Hunter Henry in the front corner of the end zone, but the rookie tight end could not get both feet in bounds. On the next play, the Chargers had a free play and Rivers threw one up for grabs. The Saints came down with it, but that did not matter. On 3rd & 3, Melvin Gordon picked up the 1st down about six inches from the goal line. From there, he scored easily on his next carry.

The Chargers received the ball to start the second half with a chance to go up by three scores. It got off to an inauspicious start with McCluster making a bad decision to return the kickoff instead of taking a knee. Ineffective offensive plays and a pair of penalties resulted in a 3rd & 14 from their own 11. An incomplete pass brought out the punting team who managed to get a delay of game penalty before kicking.

The Chargers forced a 3rd & 8, but the Saints easily converted it by throwing to his tight end Coby Fleener. Mark Ingram then added a chunk play on a perfect throw by Drew Brees. Jatavis Brown was in good coverage but the throw was too good. Facing 3rd & 3 from the Chargers’ 5, the Saints called their first timeout of the second half to avoid a delay of game penalty

Mike Lombardi likes to call red zone 3rd downs “4-point plays,” and the Saints converted this one. The Chargers responded by calling their own first timeout. In a game that already seemed destined to come down to the end of the 4th quarter, burning a timeout early in the 3rd quarter had to make Chargers fans nervous. The timeout was for not as John Kuhn easily hopped over the line into the end zone.

The Chargers offense came out on the field and again had nothing for the Saints. They meekly went three and out again. They avoided the multiple penalties this time, though. So, that was a bit of a moral victory, honestly.

The defense came up with a quality series. Dexter McCoil just missed a big interception, but he still made a nice play to deflect the pass. On 3rd down, Verrett had solid coverage on Brandin Cooks. A 62-yard punt flipped field position after Benjamin elected not to field it.

 Tyrell Williams didn’t care, though, and he picked up a 1st down on a catch and run. Benjamin then did the same. Williams then appeared to injure himself on an incomplete pass that resulted in a 3rd down (he would miss only one play). That 3rd down was another incomplete pass, this time, directed at Henry. Kaser’s punt was downed inside the 30.

The defense forced a three and out thanks to pressure up the middle by Corey Liuget on 3rd down. Benjamin fielded this punt and returned it, and a dumb penalty by the Saints tacked on five more yards.

Inman picked up six yards on 1st down. Rivers took a shot to Benjamin on 2nd down but came up empty. He found Inman again for a chunk play and a 1st down. He looked to Inman again for three yards on 1st down before being flushed from the pocket and throwing the ball away on 2nd. Henry stretched for a 1st down when it looked like Kenny Vaccaro had him short of the sticks on 3rd down.

Rivers couldn’t hit Inman on 1st down and Williams appeared to run the wrong route on 2nd. He went right back to Williams on 3rd down and Williams rewarded his confidence with a 1st down.

Philip Rivers got drilled while delivering a strike over the middle of the field. Tyrell Williams came down with it.

McCluster picked up three from the 8. Vonn Bell held Inman on 2nd down. 1st and goal from the 1 was a quick pass to Williams after a play fake. Vaccaro made a great tackle to deny him. There was o denying Melvin Gordon, though. He punched it in for six.

On the Saints’ next drive, Drew Brees hit Adrian Phillips in the chest. Unfortunately for the Saints, Phillips plays for the Chargers.

Aided by some atrocious tackling, the Saints started off quickly moving the ball against little resistance. Inside linebacker Nick Dzubnar limped off the field. Shortly after, Brees missed on two pass attempts before the Saints settled for a punt.

Melvin Gordon, fighting for extra yards, coughed up the ball on the first play of the subsequent drive. The defense forced a 4th down attempt.

 Unfortunately, the Saints turned it into a touchdown anyway. Michael Thomas beat Pierre Desir and Brees found him for the score. On the first play of the next Chargers possession, Travis Benjamin fumbled the ball without being touched. You can’t make this stuff up.

The Saints proceeded to march the ball into the red zone and set up a 1st & goal from the 1. The Chargers defense offered no resistance whatsoever. Also, through some creative timeout usage, McCoy managed to give away over 30 seconds. John Kuhn scored his third touchdown to put the Saints back on top.

 Rivers took over from his own 25 with 1:57 on the clock and one timeout. He was sacked on 1st down. It lost 5 yards and burned over 20 seconds. Matt Slauson then snapped the ball too early and set up a 3rd & 22. Rivers found an open Dontrelle Inman past the sticks who let the ball bounce off his facemask to force 4th down. He was picked off trying to force the ball to Inman again.

Week 4 INJURY REPORT: King Dunlap OUT

King Dunlap is out for the second week in-a-row. Was on the report with the same illness that kept him out last week, but was suspected to be better to play. Tyreek Burwell will be taking his spot. Antonio Gates won’t be suiting up again, so expect to Hunter Henry, hopefully no dropped game winners this time around.

After starting all 112 games when he was with the Rams, Iron Man James Laurinaitis will not be playing. Due to his quad, just popping up on the injury report come Thursday was listed as questionable for today’s game. All after just 3 games. So expect to see Craig Robertson at the middle linebacker position.